prof. dott. Antonino Romano allergologo
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1. Nuevos determinantes en el diagnostico de la alergia a penicillinas. Simposium paralelo, XXXIX Reunión de Allergosur. Malaga 24-26 giugno 2010.
2. ENDA symposium. 4th International Drug Hypersensitivity Meeting. Roma 22-25 aprile 2010.
3. Desensitisation protocols and techniques (President). 1st International Congress Southern European Allergy Societies. Firenze 18-20 marzo 2010.
4. Poster Discussion Session 6. Drug allergy - From Diagnostics to Management.
5. The Ring of Pro & Con: "Drug Provocation Tests are Crucial for the Diagnosis of Drug Allergy".
6. Symposium 5. Diagnosis (part 1). 3rd International Drug Hypersensitivity Meeting. Parigi 11-13 aprile 2008.
7. Session 4. Lymphocyte activation tests (LAT).
8. Hypersensitivity to Aspirin and other NSAIDs. GA2LEN Network of Excellence - Third Annual Meeting. Cracovia 7 luglio 2007.
9. Poster Session: "Drug Allergy: Analgesics, Heparins and Steroids".
10. Workshop 4: "Practical Aspects of Drug Allergy".
11. Genetic studies in drug allergy.
12. Poster Session: "Hypersensitivity to antibiotics".
13. Main Symposium: "Adverse Reactions to Drugs".
14. Poster Session: "Drug allergy".
15. Advances in betalactam allergy: New approaches to a classical model.
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